Your support makes a real difference 

School provides routine and structure to allow students to have smoother transitions between activities and guided decision-making. When we leave school, we don’t often have this structure to help us get through our day. 

This time can be even more stressful for young people with disability whose options may be limited. The recent pandemic has made it impossible for many young adults with disability to engage in meaningful volunteering experiences. It has also limited their work options, creating more disengagement and tougher barriers for them to overcome.

Giving to Northcott means that young adults will be able to have more opportunities to attend Northcott’s Life After School program. This hands-on program prepares young adults with disability to become work ready, gain work experience and explore volunteer opportunities to improve their likelihood of finding a job.

Northcott has made a lifechanging difference for Ben. Your support will ensure more people like Ben are able to dream big!

Watch Ben' story!

Meet Ben

Ben is a 23-year-old who loves sport and music. Ben would like everyone to know that he has a good heart and likes kindness.
Since joining Northcott, Ben has been on a steep learning curve. His determination and willingness to improve himself has been quite remarkable. Attending Northcott’s  program gave Ben the opportunity to socialise with other people with similar interests and grow in confidence and skills.

"At Northcott we have learnt how to write our resume and cover letter and the ‘do and don’ts’ of a job interview. We do mock interviews and take turns as if it is a real one. This is very helpful and we get to know the little habits to not fall into.” Ben

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Ben and Tyra attend Northcott Casula Life Skills program and showing gratitude helped them overcome many challenges.

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