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Will buy appropriate sensory resources to assist young adults to regulate their emotions
Will ensure access to recreational activities and outings to allow young adults to re-engage with their communities
Will support some respite accommodation so families can have a break and the young adults will meet new friends in a safe space
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We can help, because of you

Since June this year, Northcott staff noticed that 4 out of 5 young adults with a disability have reached out for support because they were experiencing distress, disengagement and anxiety.

Lockdown had a hard toll on everyone but the effect on young adults with disability is ten-fold. Their routine was disrupted, many didn’t understand what was happening and why they needed to wear masks.

"Sadly, we noticed that the anxiety for many young adults went through the roof. As a team supporting them online during the lockdown, we always try to bring back positivity and focus on what is working well right now in their lives." Ola, Coordinator at Everyday Life Skills Hornsby. 

Giving to Northcott means that young adults will be able to have more opportunities to learn new skills while having fun with their friends. Your donation will allow them to enjoy more outings where they can interact independently with other adults.

Meet Becki

"I have been attending Northcott in Hornsby for more than five years, I've made lots of friends because we make each other laugh, and we learn a lot! Lockdown is very hard because I can't see my friends, I can’t go bowling or play mini-golf. I miss going for train rides and visiting the shops again!" Becki from Hornsby.

YOUR gift today will allow Northcott to support young adults with disability to explore fun activities after months of lockdown.  Fun is an essential gateway to learning. Your donation will boost their wellbeing through sensory resources, outings, recreational and even nights away from home via crisis respite.

"I want Becki to do the simple things we all take for granted, like buying a train ticket and feeling confident and responsible without mum and dad around her. We look forward to Becki accessing respite services and spending a couple of nights away from home with other friends from Northcott.  It will help her become more confident at problem-solving and feel a greater sense of independence in a safe environment." Alison, Becki's mum